Electronic appeals

Appeal of citizens and legal entities.

Electronic appeals to UE 'Belmedtekhnika' are sent to the email address: info@belmt.com or by filling out the 'Electronic Application' form posted on this page and must comply with the requirements of paragraphs 1, 2, 3 of Article 12 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus 'On Citizens' Appeals and legal entities”, as well as contain the applicant’s e-mail address.

In case of non-compliance with the requirements established by the above-mentioned Law, the electronic appeal is left without consideration on the merits.

An electronic appeal is presented in Belarusian or Russian.

Electronic appeals of citizens must contain:

  • name and (or) address of the organization or position of the person to whom the appeal is sent
  • surname, first name, patronymic (if any) or initials of the citizen, address of his place of residence (place of stay)
  • statement of the essence of the appeal
  • citizen's email address.

Electronic appeals of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must contain:

  • name and (or) address of the organization or position of the person to whom the appeal is sent
  • full name of the legal entity and its location
  • statement of the essence of the appeal
  • surname, first name, patronymic (if any) or initials of the head or person duly authorized to sign appeals
  • legal entity email address.

Applications should contain information on the results of their previous consideration with the attachment (if available) of documents confirming this information.

Acceptable formats of attached documents and (or) information in electronic form and their graphic images on paper (scans) are: PDF/A, DOCX, DOC, RTF, TXT, ODT, ZIP, RAR, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JPG.

Electronic applications submitted by legal representatives of applicants must be accompanied by electronic copies of documents confirming their authority.

If, in order to consider an electronic appeal on the merits, it is necessary to indicate the personal data of the applicant or other persons, with the exception of those contained in the appeal, the applicant will be asked to submit an oral or written appeal.

Revocation of an electronic appeal is carried out by submitting a written application or sending an application in electronic form in the same way that the electronic appeal was sent.

In case ofif incoming electronic applications of similar content from different applicants are massive (more than ten), responses to them, by decision of the head of the state body or a person authorized by him to sign responses to appeals in the prescribed manner, can be posted on the official website of the state body on the global computer network Internet without sending answers (notifications) to applicants.

Answer (notifications) to electronic applications are sent to the e-mail address of the applicants indicated in the electronic applications.

Electronic requests are answered in writing (written notifications are sent) in cases where:

  • The applicant in his electronic application asks to send a written response or simultaneously send a written response and a response to his e-mail address;
  • The e-mail contains an e-mail address, to which, for technical reasons, it was not possible to deliver a response (notification).

The response of UE 'Belmedtekhnika' to the appeal or the decision to leave the appeal without consideration on the merits can be appealed by you to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, located at the address: Minsk, st. Myasnikova 39, opening hours 9.00-18.00 lunch 13.00-14.00. days off - Saturday, Sunday.

Schedule of personal reception of citizens, including individual entrepreneurs, their representatives, representatives of legal entities by the management of UE 'Belmedtekhnika'

Day of the week Full Name Job title Time of receipt
1-я среда каждого месяца Страздин Дмитрий Игоревич Генеральный директор 10.00-13.00
2-я среда каждого месяца Саковец Сергей Николаевич Заместитель генерального директора 10.00-17.00
3-я среда каждого месяца Чичко Павел Валентинович Заместитель генерального директора по организационно-кадровой работе и безопасности 10.00-17.00
4-я среда каждого месяца Зайцев Максим Валерьевич Заместитель генерального директора 10.00-17.00